Two space travellers in our backyard!

Opening their bedroom window is all it takes to see the Earth, a beautiful backyard, full of surprises ready to be explored. Always on the mood to try out new things, Leo and Lully fly straight from home to this magical place, where they can get to know better the animals, plants, toys, music, feelings and many other things.


Surrounded by water and full of bulls

This is the Papaya Island, an unusual place where bulls are born from a tree and, besides caring for children, they work in the most diverse professions. There are bulls who work as policeman, plastic artist, clown and even a weird bull who doesn'twork, but gets into crazy adventures with a very funny boy!


The life of a statue is not that easy

Especially if you have to spend many hours of your life frozen in a single position. Because that's how Bustus and Snotses work every morning. Oops! But if they only work in the morning, what do they do in the afternoon?


Climb up and find a vacant place

This was the strategy used by the animals that survived and arrived at the Great Tree, after flood that covered the whole earth with its waters. The good thing is that in this place nobody knows the past of the other and the best is that each animal can be who really wanted to be. However, it can not be said that each one of them decided to be the best version of themselves.


Come on over 'cuz it's time to play!

It is also time to meet the little friends and, along with them, to live fantastic adventures of the world of the kids. Tabebuia is a special place full of fun, fantasy, good humor and cute little puppies that will surely reach your heart and your children too.


Changing the history in a magical school

That's what we're going to learn from kids who study in Lendória. While a group of them uses the most different ways to change history and take advantage of it, another seeks to re-establish historical facts and put everything in its proper place. But of course this will turn their school upside down.