Production Services

We're ready to support your animation project with our services of character development, backgrounds, props, storyboards, animatics, pitch bibles, style guides and others. We work in pre-production and also in the production of art for animated series however our high skilled and experienced team can work with a pre-stablished art direction as well.

Our attention to details, planning and commitment to deadlines, guarantees the best quality and agility in the delivery of everything we do. 

Take a look below to find out what we can do for your projects.


It may be that you are thinking of creating a series with minimalist scenarios or, on the other hand, background scenarios with a bunch of essential details in your narrative. Fact is that the backgrounds express the reality of your universe and help tell your stories. Develop animation backgrounds from different art directors with the most varied approaches and styles has been one of our constant services and a challenge that we love to embrace.



We have created and produced characters for animation over the last few years. As the productions happen, they get alive, becoming part of the day-to-day of the studio, and them reach the screens. Of course this is the result of a well-designed biography, good stories, but it is also the fruit of an artistic concept that shows who they really are. And that's what we like to do, give shape, body and life to your characters.



Your character uses a smartphone, while drinking an orange juice, just before slipping on a skateboard, ending with everything broken around him. It is quite possible that 6 to 10 props are used to animate a scene like this. Yes, they are always there, and for us, the props are the "interface between the scenarios and the characters", playing a key role in all animation.

With an experience of thousands of props made for a variety of series, we can help you out with your props, from a simple tennis ball to a very complex water balloon machine gun, everything setup in the right way for your animation software.


Mouth Pack

We will produce a rich pack of mouths for your characters, which can be applied to the neutral, happy and sad expressions in the front, 3/4 and profile positions.



Storyboards and Animatics

52´s Storyboarders will help tell your stories and experience the dynamics of your animation through neat and well-structured animatics


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Our creative team can handle anything you need for your animation. We have worked with many clients over the years, and would love to hear about your upcoming project. Fill out the quick form below an let the 52 be the helping hand in your art production pipeline.