Cupcake & Dino - General Services  

This is a quirky animated series about the hilarious experiences of a unusual sibling pair that does odd jobs around their nonsensical hometown. It's great to meet these two guys, their friends, and all the adventures and muddled they get into.


Star Wars Forces of Destiny 

According to Maz Kanata, "The choices we make / The actions we take / Moments, both big and small / Shape us into forces of destiny." This is what we can all watch in this series that features Rey, Ahsoka Tano, Jyn Erso, Leia Organa, Sabine Wren, and other iconic characters from the Star Wars universe in
a consisting of eighteen episodes.


While his grandma travels the world 

A young guy, his sister and a bunch of friends, go into great adventures inside a big house, while trying to cook the ingredients that his grandma advised him to use through mail.